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We analyse your hearing capacity and your preferences.

The choice of the most suitable hearing system for you depends enormously on your personal acoustic environment, on the requirements and needs of your everyday life.

We analyse your hearing capacity and your preferences.

We start with a relaxed personal interview to get to know you. We will be a bit inquisitive as we want to get as many information as possible and as necessary about you and your personal listening preferences. We analyse your ear, the history of your hearing loss, your acoustical requirements and the situations in your everyday life when you especially long for a better hearing.

Naturally, we also show and explain which technical possibilities we have to help you. For example: Is it advisable to use an in-the-ear system or is it better to take a behind-the-ear system? You can have a look at the models in question, examine them and we can explain the advantages and disadvantages of every single model in a descriptive and comprehensible way.