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To optimize your hearing is our aim!

When does a hearing instrument work properly? When it comes as close as possible to the efficiency and capacity of a healthy human ear.

We improve your hearing and your living environment.

While your ENT doctor is responsible for the medical treatment of your hearing loss, hearing aid acousticians - like us - are in charge of the technical realisation of your hearing device. Both professions demand a special know-how. It is an advantage that the different duties of the ENT doctor and the hearing aid acoustician are clearly defined. This is the guaranty for a perfect and joint solution to improve your hearing capacity.

Being your personal hearing aid acoustician, we provide a detailed consultation, choose the most suitable hearing system, manufacture it, fit it, brief you concerning handling and offer maintenance and aftercare services.

In addition, the ENT doctor is in charge of the prescription of your hearing system and the monitoring of the improvement of your hearing capacity.

This co-operation enhances our efficiency.